tiistai 22. toukokuuta 2012

Just some modeling.

Sorry I've been a little bit quiet here, I've focused on modeling and other art things. 

You can see more here: Moira Hermione on deviantArt. There's for example some Mature Content pics and I don't post that kind of stuff here. (: But I have to say that IT IS NOT PORN. Period. Haha.

I've been thinking of making an official homepage, but I don't know the details yet.. Well, I think more so maybe I'll can create something someday. :D

2 kommenttia:

Carrie kirjoitti...

Nyt sinulla on yksi seuraaja enemmän deviantARTin puolella. :]

Moira Hermione kirjoitti...

Carrie: Kivaa! ^^