torstai 30. joulukuuta 2010

My year 2010.

A little review of my year. 

*In the beginning of the year I dyed my hair to black. 

*I bought the most perfect jacket. <3

*I had dreadlocks for a while. They were gorgeous.

*I tried to get white hair. I didn't get it...

* I had to dye my hair to purple. But it was nice!

*Jani had birthday at 8.3. Now he is four years old. <3

*I did driving school's part two, so now I have a lasting driver's license!

*In april I went to Japanese Garden with Miwia. 

*I got tattooed a little bit more. <3

*I dyed my hair back to red.

*I took few piercings off from my face. Now I feel pretty.

*I went to spring funfair with Miwia and my family. It was awesome! 

*May Day was great. We were celebrating it in my mom's house.

*I was at Miwia's parties, she graduated as confectioner. I was also at my friend's graduating parties. 

*Taru had birthday at 2.6. She is now two years old. <3

*I was at my sister's confirmation party.

*I was in Linnanmäki several times! <3

*In the summer I got few new awsome friends!

*In july we partied a little. It was nice. ;)

*Me and Miwia went to Forssa for a week in july. It was the best trip ever! 

*We moved to a new appartment in semptember. 

*I made a new dress and the most wonderfull fleecejacket!

*We had great house warming parties!

*I saw awesome rainbow. 

*Me and Miwia spent a lovely girl's weekend.

*I went to animal museum with my mom and Jani. 

*We had a nice Samhain party with Miwia. 

*I bought a lovely cauldron from Valkoisen noidan Puoti. Pure love.

 *I dyed my hair to green. <3 Pure love.

*I had the most great birthday parties in the beginning of the december!

*I had one week vacation from everything. It was great. I cleaned up the whole appartment and everything.

*I worked for ten days in Joulumaailma at Kamppi. It was awesome! I miss that so much.

*Yule (christmas) was cool. I turned into 21. 

*Today I sent a model application to Cybershop. We'll see how it turns out... <;

Now I'm just waiting for new year.

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