maanantai 17. tammikuuta 2011


Karaoke. I was there yesterday and I sang Elton John's Can you feel the love tonight. First my voice was missing but I think i managed good in the end because people was clapping pretty loud and cheering.. I was confused. :D I guess I could record my singing and maybe publish it here cause I'd really like to get some feedback... 

Here's yesterday's outfit. 

"Waistcoat": Gina Tricot / White dress: Made by me / Black dress: Gina Tricot / Leg warmers: Seppälä / Shoes: DinSko

As well as karaoke, I'm addicted to leg warmers. They are so awesome now when it's cold outside! I can use short dresses and skirts and still my legs aren't freezing! I'm amazed that I realized this until now..

This break up thing is confusing me... Otto lives here until he finds a new apartment and it's okay... Almost. I feel I'm still somehow bound to him about what I do and where I go. Yea, partly I am, because he is like my roommate now and we have common kids, but still partly I'm not bound, but I'm not sure he understands that... And that's what is disturbing me. 
But I wont discuss about that anymore. It just gets me mad. :D And right now I don't want to be mad at all!

5 kommenttia:

eimii kirjoitti...

Laulua kehiin! :)

Halcyon kirjoitti...

Ihana tuo asu! :)

Seamrog kirjoitti...

eimii: Tulossa! :)

Halcyon: Kiitoksia! ^_^

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Jeps ehdottomasti haluan kuulla sun laulua! :)

Erot on aina vaikeita, varsinkin jos on pitkä historia takana.. Voimia siihen, ajan kanssa kaikki helpottaa.

Jossain vaiheessa puhuit, että lähetit mallihakemusken cyber shopille, onko siitä kuulunut mitään? :) Luulisi olevan, olet niin sievä. :)

Seamrog kirjoitti...

Anonyymi: Kiitoksia. <:
Ei, Cybershopilta ei ole vielä kuulunut mitään.. Saa nyt nähdä sitten. :)