sunnuntai 2. tammikuuta 2011

My New Year's eve.

That night was just perfect. Miwia came in to my house. We had good food and snacks and great time. 

 Dress: Seppälä / Jewels: there and here... / Planet system: KappAhl many years ago

 At the beginning of the evening we ate and laughed. Later (about at nine o'clock) we went outside. Our little group's members were me, Miwia, Taru and Otto.
We shot few fireworks and they were just awesome! Couple of times there were almost a dangerous situation, but nothing happened. I sigh for relief. 

Me and Miwia jumped in to a heap of snow. Last time I did that when I was a child. It was very refreshing. 

In the night, when the year had changed, Otto went to Tampere and left me, Miwia and Taru in our home. Miwia stayed over night. 

I have to say that even though there was some problems during the night, I had very great time, thanks to my wonderfull friends. 

I felt big changes in the air. Everything just changed when old year faded away and new year began. I have every new year had a feeling of changes but this time the feeling was very much stronger. And I also had "physical" signs about that.

Now I'm feeling happy. Totally happy. 

I hope you had great time too. Happy New Year. ^_^

I wanted to write in english, 'cause I think everyone can read and understand my text. Or if not everyone, I think most of you can. :)

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