perjantai 25. helmikuuta 2011

Dance in the moonlight.

Yesterday's outfit. I have to say that I totally fell in love with it.

 Top: H&M / Belt: H&M / Skirt: Only / White tights: Seppälä / Leg warmers: Seppälä / Shoes: DinSko

That belt is a new purchase. I love it! And as said that skirt is originally from Only but I edited it by myself. I carved the hem.

I have bought new books in few days here... I will present them to you later! I'm so happy about them.

4 kommenttia:

Demonilesboankka kirjoitti...

just luv it. <3

Seamrog kirjoitti...

Demonilesboankka: Kiitos ^_^ <3

Vivian kirjoitti...

Todella kaunis asu, ja mikä meikki! :O Upeutta ^^

Seamrog kirjoitti...

Vivian: Kiitos paljon! ^_^