keskiviikko 23. helmikuuta 2011

Play it from the heart.

Yesterday's outfit.

Top: H&M / Shorts: KappAhl / Leg warmers: Seppälä / Shoes: DinSko

Green hair again... I can't live with red hair anymore. :( I guess it's because red is a warm color. I like, or should I say love, cold colors very much and this Pine Green mixed with black I have in my hair right now is just perfect! But remember that orange hair I had... That was nice even though it was a warm color. Too bad I couldn't keep that color 'cause it was too light.

There's nothing new in my life. Except Otto will move out next monday, for sure. And today I'm going to make piercings to my sister's friends which means I'm going to get some money!

AND I have bought few new things, but more about those things later.

7 kommenttia:

Ofelia kirjoitti...

Tykkään vihreistä hiuksista! Musta ne on parhaat. =)

Et kai sä vaan pimeetä työtä tee?! ;-)

Seamrog kirjoitti...

Ofelia: I agree! :D

No pimeetä ja pimeetä, kyllä niissä lävistyshommissa tarvii aika paljon valoa ettei tuikkase vinoon... ;)

Anna-Sofie kirjoitti...

Wow, you're very beautiful... And you have a great style too. I love reading your blog :)

Seamrog kirjoitti...

Anna-Sofie: Thanks! :)

Leena kirjoitti...

Voi sä olet kaunis<33 Ja sulla on aina tosi kivat vaatteet :)

VarisVarjo kirjoitti...

Awww you're so beautiful! The new hair color suits you - even if I liked the blonde/orange, I like the green! Suits you very well :)
(and I just have to say.... I love your legs *_* They're just... well, perfect! X3)

Seamrog kirjoitti...

Leena: Kiitos kovasti! <3 :)

VarisVarjo: Awww thank you very much! <3 ^_^