perjantai 25. helmikuuta 2011

Green for life.

Couple of days ago I had to adopt three plants. They were whispering to me so I couldn't leave them in the flower shop..

My new babies. I still have to buy an ivy and few heathers. 

3 kommenttia:

VarisVarjo kirjoitti...

The last one, on the bottom of that shelf looks amazing! What is it?
I love cacti, I had a lot of them actually, but then I moved and at the now place there was just no space for them :( So I only have two sad orchids (sad because it's to warm in my room for them to bloom)
I really hope I can have a lot of plants again when I move again in a few years XD

Ofelia kirjoitti...

Hienoja kasveja. =)

Tein äsken kahvigallupin, sun nyt ainakin pitää vastata!! =D

Seamrog kirjoitti...

VarisVarjo: That is some kinf of a tendril.. If I remember right.. :D

Ofelia: Kiitos!
Hjep, kattellaan jos vaikka vastaankin! :D