lauantai 26. helmikuuta 2011

Who said books are life?

First yesterday's outfit. 

 Black dress: Gina Tricot / White dress: Self made / White tights: Seppälä / Leg warmers: Seppälä /Shoes: DinSko / Belt: H&M

And then BOOKS! 

And I did not buy these all at the same time. :D I am now reading Unien tulkinta. Those others will have to wait until I have finished it... If I can control myself.

Today I'm going to a masquerade party. First I was thinking about dressing as a witch, but then I thought that it would be some kind of cheating... So now I'm trying to figure out other options. I hope I have enough time. I should dye my hair and get dressed and put on some make up... But first I have to figure out what I will be today. You well see it later, I will take pictures. 

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