lauantai 7. tammikuuta 2012


I'm so hooked to that song (Nightwish - Storytime). 

Yesterday I did a lot of things. I dyed my hair and cleaned. And after that I went downtown with Kaisa and we drank too much alcohol and tortured people in karaoke. It was so much fun!

 Dress: Gina Tricot / Boots: Warehouse

Now I'm going to read and drink coffee as usual. 

But before that; new followers, welcome! ^^

4 kommenttia:

henni kirjoitti...

Tosi kivat noi saappaat! :)

Anya kirjoitti...

Kiva että palasit bloggailemaan. Sievä olet! :)

Moira Hermione kirjoitti...

Kiitokset. ^^

HajaMiel kirjoitti...

Great to see you back in blogging!