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Lunta ja Nokea - Snow and Smutch.

Tässä on eräs tarina jonka kirjoitin suomeksi yli viisi vuotta sitten. Käänsin sen englanniksi eilen huvin vuoksi, ja julkaisen sen nyt tänne huviksi. Teksti on varmaan virheitä täynnä (siis tämä englantilainen versio), mutta pääasia on että sain jotain tekemistä ja harjoitusta ja aivojen aktivointia. Ja kaikista tärkeinhän on siis se että tekstin ymmärtää vaikkei se täysin oikein olisikaan. Btw, tämä oli ensimmäinen kunnollinen englanninkielinen tarina jonka olen kirjoittanut. 

Suomalaista versiota en voi julkaista sillä en jostain syystä pysty kopioimaan sitä. Saatte siis vain englantilaisen version, olkaatten hyvätten. 
Ja jos ystävällisesti jättäisimme nipottamisen sitten taka-alalle, asiallisesti virheistä voi toki huomauttaa (ja se on jopa suotavaa, sillä siten opin) mutta turhanpäiväinen urputtaminen saa jäädä, sellaisia kommentteja en edes julkaise.


Here is one story I wrote in finnish over five years ago. Yesterday I translated it just for fun. I decided to publish it here, just for fun. >:] Don't mind about the mistakes or anything, the point is that the text is understandable. This is my first english story ever. 
You can mention about mistakes in the text ('cause there is mistakes, I know that), but please be correct. I won't publish inappropriate comments. Thank you. 

And here we go:

   Rain whipped hardly trees outside. Trees swinged and rain beated cottages walls and roof.
   Viia was completely out of sight because she was entirely under a thick blanket. She sniffled a little while sleeping.
   Kaiu was kicked her blanket away while sleeping and she rolled over, maybe because she saw bad dreams.
   Rain was not going to end and wind was just getting worse.
   Grandmother Kastehelmi had a candle in her wrinkled hand. She was on her way to see the girls. While covering Kaiu she smiled. She pulled a chair next to the window and sat on it. She took a seat and pulled curtain aside.
   There was nobody in the forest. There wasn't animals either. Trees, bushes and grass were swinging and grandmother Kastehelmi desperately wished that Peippi would get home safely. Also would be great if also Kekri would arrive in time and safely.
   Grandmother Kastehelmi pulled curtain back. She raised up from the chair and walked into her own bedroom while candle lightened her way.

   Became dawn. Actually that wasn't exactly the right expression. Morning was very grey and dark. It was still raining and blowing.
   Grandmother Kastehelmi raised up from her bed and wen't to the kitchen that was very grey. It was half past seven, so Kaiu would wake up soon and Viia would be sleeping for a while.
   Kastehelmi made tea and coffee. She also put breakfast at the table and food to cats's cups and gave them new, pure water.
   While Kastehelmi was setting fire on fireplace, she heard a slam. She took a look about it and noticed that one very big and heavy branch had fallen right on the well's top.  Kastehelmi was annoyed. She would have to ask someone to move the branch away. She was too old to do it herself.
   Kastehelmi went back to the kitchen to wait the girls get up. Suddenly she raised on her feet again. She has just remembered that Viia and Kaiu had birthday today. She started to recall where she had placed gifts. Then she remembered: into a a box that was under her bed. She hummed happily and lifted strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries and whipped cream at the table for the great feast.

   Kaiu stretched herself and raised up. She heard the storm outside and she was depressed. She didn't like storm. She liked sunny and serene bright days. Her twinsister disagreed. Girls were like night and day, except they had same age and build.
   Kaiu looked her sister, whos bed was on the other side of the room. Sister was sleeping and sniffling. Kaiu couldn't help smiling while looking her dear sister.
   Kaiu groped her straggly blond hair. It would take a long time until her hair would be straight again.
   Kaiu sensed the smell of coffee and tea. Grandmother was awake, as usual.

   Viia woke up having a feeling she couldn't breathe. She opened her eyes and dropped her blanket to the floor. She rubbed her eyes and started to smile when she heard the voice of the storm.
   Kaiu noticed that Viia was awake.
   -Good morning, yelled Kaiu and walked next to Viia's bed. She gave her hand to her and girls hugged each other. Viia said good mornings and ruffled her hair more. Her hair was already very straggly.

    Kitchen was wonderfully warm compared to the bedroom.
   -Good morning, grandma, said Kaiu and smiled happily.
   -Morning, said Viia gladly and grandmother Kastehelmi gave a laugh. She hugged both of the girls and told them to sit down.
   -Happy birthday! Or should I say happy verityday, said Kastehelmi with a twinkle in the corner of her eye. Lightning flashed outside like as an assurance to her words.
   Kaiu and Viia glanced each other nervously. They were born for this day. This was the New Birth. Today they will find out who they really were.
   Grandmother Kastehelmi was a Reader-Witch. Reader was a person, who - if willing - could see text for example on tree's rind or on the stone, and by reading that text could know the lifestory of the said object. Kastehelmi had around her neck a golden chain with a little sapphire mouse hanging on it. It was given to her when she had been Searching Herself. Everybody received a special piece of jewellery that would last forever and what could never been untied.
   Of course Viia and Kaiu were witches too, but they were not actual Persons yet.
   Cats lipped water happily.
   Kaiu's cat Millico sneaked under the table while Kaiu, Viia and Kastehelmi were eating.
   Viia dipped her strawberry in her coffee, then in whipped cream. Then she ate it. It was sweet and very delicious. Viia watched the storm and thought the day-to-be. She hoped the storm would stay alive for a long time!

   When everybody had finished their breakfasts, Kastehelmi cleaned up the table and told to Viia and Kaiu to go in their bedroom to get prepared. Kaiu catched her cat under the table and Viia in front of the fireplace. Then they went to their bedroom.
   Girls were silently. They were very nervous. Kaiu made her bed but Viia only fondled her cat Malla's fur.
   After a moment Viia however made her bed. Kaiu was already getting dressed. She took off her white nightie and put white dress on. On the hem of the dress were yellow roses. Viia took off her black nightie and replaced it with black dress. On Viia's dress's hem were green leaves.

   Girls heard knocking from the door. Kaiu opened the door to Kastehelmi. She smiled. She was carrying a box which was brown and pretty big.
   -Let's sit on the floor, said Kastehelmi gently. As soon as they had sat down, Kastehelmi opened the box, but just a little bit, so that Viia and Kaiu could not see in it.
   Kastehelmi placed three candles on the floor: in front of Viia she placed a black one, in front of  Kaiu she placed a white one, and in front of herself a brown one.
   Kastehelmi's candle was much more worned than Viia's and Kaiu's.
   Kastehelmi set fire on the candles. First her candle, then Kaiu's and lastly Viia's. Then Kastehelmi took two books from the brown box. Other book was white, other one was black.
   -These books already nows who you are. They have always known. I'm going to give these books to you now, but you must not open them yet. You can open them when you come back home. If you open the books too early, their pages will be empty and you don't belong anywhere. You will never find out what and who you are, so you fall into a Damnation. And Damnation is.. It is pure pain.
    Viia got the creeps when she took her book and placed it into her stand.
   -At noon you will go to Search Yourselves. You'r candles will show your ways: throw the candle in the air straight up and when it has fallen down, watch where candle-snuff points. That will be the way to go. Walk straight ahead until the first tree, bush or big stone comes to your path. Then you stop, open your mouth and close your eyes, but just for a few seconds. After that the Animal will come to you. It leads you after that. And remember: Do not depart from the path!

   Sisters were silently and thought about these words. These words had to be remembered.
   Suddenly Kaiu had difficulties to breath.
   -What if.. What if we can't find our way back home? she whispered.
   Kastehelmi seemed comforting.
   - Yes you will. The Animal will give all the advices. And you have lived and played in this forest as well for fifteen years!
   It was a quiet moment. The only sound that was heard was Millico's meow. Malla jumbed on the windowsill with silent thump.
   -How long is this trip going to last? asked Viia. Kastehelmi shaked her head.
   -Who knows? My trip took only an hour. It was very easy.
   Viia tampered her pitch black hair. Her forest green eyes were staring at black candle's flame.
   All of the candle's flames growed longer.
   It was half past nine.
   -I almost can't wait to get my own necklace, said Kaiu and twisted blond hair wreath around her finger. Kastehelmi smiled and touched her own sapphire.
   -Does anyone have a string, mumbled Viia, raised from the floor and took a black velvet string from her stand. She braided her hair into a meanderfull plait and tied it with the velvet string.
   Kaiu took a string too, but it was white silk. She gave it to Viia.
   -Please braid my hair, won't you, Kaiu requested. She liked a lot when Viia braided her hair.
   Viia collected her sister's hair together.
   -Tight or loose?
   Viia shared her sister's hair into three parts and started to plain them. When she was done, she hugged her sister. They were both very nervous.

   Quarter to twelve grandmother Kastehelmi knocked on Viia's and Kaiu's door.
   -Come out!
   -Yes, just a moment, shouted Kaiu while foraged deliriously her box.
   -Let's go now, rushed Viia. She wasn't the one with lost glasses, like Kaiu was. Nearsighted, sister's common problem. From grandmother to mother, from mother to Kaiu and Viia.
   -Yeah, yelled Kaiu and pulled her white glass holster from the box.

   In the yard girls pushed glasses on their noses.
   Kastehelmi was holding their candles.
   Wether was grey, although storm had abated a little. It was still raining.
   -You remember everything? asked Kastehelmi. Girls nodded.
   Kastehelmi gave girls their candles.
   -What if candles breaks down? asked Kaiu suddenly. Kastehelmi shaked her silver haired head.
   Candles were thrown in the air.
   They fell back to the earth. And they were entire!
   White candle pointed to left from cottage's door.
   Black candle pointed to right.
   -Go. Leave the candles.
   Viia and Kaiu hugged each other one more time. Then they started to follow their own paths.

   Viia's heart was beating painfully. She almost slipped while hurrying in rainy moss. She was very excited.
   Viia wrapped her black velvet jacket around her more tightening. She passed a huge Rowan.
   Viia walked for half an hour. Still no tree, bush or stone came on her way. Instead of them, on her way came a puddle. Actually it was a little pond. Viia started to freeze. Grandma didn't say anything about a pond. Oh amanita... Maybe Viia could go round the pond? "Do not depart from the path!" That was said with grandma's voice. Viia rubbed her neck.
   How deep was the pond? Viia tried to see it, but she couldn't see the bottom of the pond. And who know's what slimy things was in there...? Yuck.
   Viia lifted her dresses hem as high as dared and stepped into water.
   God it was cold! Coldness dashed everywhere in her body and she started to loose feeling from her leg.
   There was water up to the knee. Viia started to wade bravely and shaking because the coldness. She would have to wade only like five metres, but that was still too much. Water was so cold, so freezing cold. Wadeing was slow job. From the bottom of the pond some slimy plants and myceliums grabbed on her feet, and the water, so cold water, floated towards her and stiffened her feet.
   Moreover her arms started to shake because she had to keep her hems above her knees. But so what if the hem would get wet? She was wet already because of the rain and wadeing. Viia huffed for relief when she released the hem. No that was one thing more that slowed down the wadeing.
   Viia reeled but still keeped her balance.
   Now she was in the middle of the pond. There water was up to the half of thigh and the hem was almost entirely wet. On the opposite shore heathers moved. Viia startled. She climbed away from the pond and she was freezing. Her shoes were filled with water and the hem sticked on her feet.
   Viia jumbed, moved her arms and legs trying to warm herself.

   Kaiu sweeped her hand. It was a little bit cold. Nasty weather!
   Kaiu had a feeling like her stomach was filled with snakes. It did not feel pleasant at all.
   Kaiu's feet slided on the wet ground. She stepped on a slippery little stone and reeled and... found herself on all fours on the slimy ground. Her eyes became filled with tears. Knees were aching. Dress got dirty. This trip didn't start well!
   Kaiu raised up, scratched extra muds and peaces of grass away from her hem and keeped going with grimace on her face.
   Kaiu walked at least half an hour. Then she stopped and picked up a heather. She swirled it in her hands, threw it away and continued walking.
   Suddenly in front of her appeared a tree. She almost crashed towards it.

   Viia walked few steps. She stopped, picked up a leaf from a bush that was in front of her and smiled.
   Viia closed her eyes, opened her mouth and stood still. Then she stopped.
   Viia heard hooting of an owl. It was Viia's Animal.
   The owl sat on a nutbush's branch that was in front of Viia. The Owl hooted. It had a black leaf in it's snout.
   Viia breathed quickly. What she had to do?
   The Owl was little, cute and it looked very vulnerable. Somehow it looked very unreal. It was a Sparrow-owl. It flied on to Viia's shoulder. It's claws were like needles, but yet they did not hurt.
   The Owl gave the leaf to Viia.
   Viia's heart was beating painfully. This was the moment. It was NOW. Viia wanted and still at the same time wanted not to know what was on the leaf.

   Kaiu schrunched her eyebrows, but then she remembered what she had to do. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes. She was feeling fearful and most of all she was feeling stupid. She opened her eyes and closed her mouth and listened and glanced around. Nothing.
   Behind the thick Oak appeared a Badger. It was little and very cute. It was Kaiu's Animal. Kaiu smiled quickly and then she noticed a white leaf which was in the Badger's mouth.
   There was the first step of her Personality.
   The Badger wobbled to Kaiu and she fondled it.
   Kaiu took the leaf very slowly, very slowly.
   Kaiu was very nervous, she would have wanted to throw the leaf into a swamp or anywhere else and just run home.
   But yet she did not do that.
   She watched the leaf. On it was a text written with yellow, curly letters. The word was Healer.

   Viia held the leaf in her hand.
   -Read it, she said out loud to herself. She turned the leaf so she could see the green, curly text that said Seer.
   Viia smiled widely. Her heart was much more lighter. She fondled the little Owl, which had - Viia noticed it until no - bright yellowbrown eyes.
   Suddenly the Owl flyed off.
   Viia knew that the Owl was her guide now.
   Viia faltered deeper to the forest following the Owl.
   Viia's hem grabbed to heathers and sticks but she kept running. She gasped and she was feeling very hot.
   -Finally, after five minutes running, the Owl stopped. It sat on a low branch. Viia sat on a stone pressing her chest.

   -Awsome, mumbled Kaiu while staring the text "Healer".
   The necklace came into his mind. She looked down to the Badger which started to scuttle somewhere. Kaiu walked after it. It wasn't quickly at all so Kaiu walked slowly and carefully after it. She clearly avoided slippery stones.
   Kaiu held the leaf tightly in her hand. She thought about saving it, even she did not know was it allowed or even should she. She hoped that Viia would save her own leaf.
   Kaiu followed the Badger about ten minutes. Then the badger sat on the ground like a obedient dog. Kaiu stood. She noticed that on her white shoes was dirt and grass. She also noticed that her feet were wet.
   What was going to happen now?
   Was heard chattering and popping. Kaiu startled and yanked quickly air in to her lungs. She looked at the Badger.
   It looked like it smiled.    
   It was watching tightly to a branch of a sturdy Oak.
   There was something glittering.

   Viia held the leaf tightly in her hand.
   The Owl hooted very quietly.
   Viia heard crackling and chattering from backside oblique. She startled. She glanced the Owl and then behind herself, searching the source of chattering.
   Her gloomy face brightened when she saw something glittering in the heathers.

   Kaiu took few steps towards the Oak and reached out her hand.
   She gripped her hand around something little and cold.
   Rain was strengthening. Even the trees seemed to bee bored of the rain.
   Kaiu opened her hand. On her hand was a silver chain with topaze badger pendant on it. Kaiu cried tears of relief and happiness.
   -Thank you, she whispered to the living Badger while fondling it.

   Viia crouched in the middle of the heathers and took something cold and small in her hand.
   It was raining harder and Viia's glasses were totally wet. Yet she still saw.
   On Viia's hand was a silver chain with smaragd owl pendant. Tears began to drop from her eyes.
   Viia stood up, walked to the Owl and gave it a kiss on the top of it's head.
   -Thank you.

   Grandmother Kastehelmi sat in the kitchen with steamy hot coffee in front of her. She stared calmly at the pouring rain while stroking her cat Monikiew.
   Kastehelmi was thinking about her granddaughters. How were they getting along?
   She could hardly wait to get ask things from Kaiu and Viia, and above all to get to combine them to the Witches.
   Rain was just getting worse.

   Viia and Kaiu didn't exactly know how they ended up in there, but there they were: in their home yard.
   Night was beginning to fall.
   Girls moved the thick branch away from the top of the gully. Then they went inside.
   In the hallway girls hugged each other and their grandma.
   Everyone of them went in to Viia's and Kaiu's room. The ceremony would be fulfilled there.
   Kastehelmi setted the candles on fire and brought girls their fancy dresses.
   Girls dressed into them. Kaiu's dress was white, Viia's was black. They were like made of smoke.
   Girls stood still beautiful and calmly nervous opposite of Kastehelmi.
   Kaiu gave the leaf and jewel with shaking hands to her, and Kastehelmi said:
   -In our group has now joined Kaiu, a Healer-Witch.
   Kastehelmi affixed the necklace to Kaiu and then hugged her. Kaiu seemed very happy.
   Viia gave the jewel and leaf to Kastehelmi with stable hands. Kastehelmi said:
   -In our group has now joined Viia, a Seer-Witch.
   She affixed the necklace to Viia and hugged her.
   The twinsisters hugged each other with overflowing happiness, feeling themselves very wise.

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Miwia kirjoitti...

Huu. Olipas pitkä. Jäi mieleen yks virhe, "pure water". Laita "fresh water". Pure liittyy lähinnä esim: pure white. Mutta siis. Joitakin virheitä oli, mutta tajusin jutun. Mielenkiintoinen. Täytyy puhua kahden kesken tästä. :j

Seamrog kirjoitti...

Jees. Joo. Nyt huomaan itekin et se "pure" ei sovi siihen. :D Eilen vaan kirjotin yhteen putkeen ton enkuks (meni muutama tunti) ja sitten jälkikäteen korjasin lähinnä vaan kirjotusvirheet ja muut näkyvimmät virheet eli tuolta puuttuu artikkeleitakin sun muita... Mut hyvä et sen ymmärsi, se oli pääasia näin alkajaisiks. :)

En jaksa korjaa enää tähän tekstiin mut laitan korvan taakse! :)